Warmage: v.2 Grayden's Promise

"After some troubles with the mail system I finally received my copy of “Warmage: Grayden’s Promise”. I’ve been so excited for this book and was not disappointed!

The scene that struck me the most, was probably the hatching of the little dragons and how tender and truly magical this was. It also provided more insight to the world of dragons and how their society works.

We get another glimpse like this from the conversation between Lenna and Lynn and I can’t wait to learn more about this world.

Overall I’m just way too curious about everything that’s going on right now and how Tylen and Brynn will grow together more and more and if Vix and Donovan will sort their stuff out!"


Warmage: v.2 Grayden's Promise

"You'll be holding your breath on one page, only to have it stolen it away on the next! Grayden's Promise offers the continuation of an already vibrant and brilliant tale, and a journey that is far from over." - A. Hutchison

Warmage: v.2 Grayden's Promise

"The nail-biting sequel brings you along through trials, tribulations and grasps for hope. A story whose character's brim with life, whose ties you'll feel part of. A must read for any fans of the original, or fantasy enthusiasts looking for a taste of something different." - Jay Walker