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Warmage: v.1 Grayden's Hope

"A book that takes you on a journey. An experience in and of itself. A fresh view on the fantasy genre with character bonds that leave a lasting impression. You'll find yourself falling in love with the world, and not wanting to put the book down."

- Jay Walker

Warmage: v.1 Grayden's Hope

"Warmage is a trip through a world that mirrors our reality, splashing intrigue and extraordinary elements onto each page to keep the reader wanting more."

- L. C.

Warmage: v.1 Grayden's Hope

"Warmage is an amazing and fresh take on traditional fantasy. I couldn't put it down. I wanted to curl up with a mug of cocoa and read all night!"

- Al. Farr

Warmage: v.1 Grayden's Hope

“Balancing fantasy with reality can be a particularly difficult process in magical realism. Hooking a reader with fantastic content, while also crafting an environment that the reader can relate to is even more so; but Leone has done it. The author elegantly walks that line as he summons a vibrant world filled with angelic creatures bent on destruction, bug people, dragons, and humans. Through the vehicle of perseverance, the author touches on timeless life lessons as his characters gain strength. With appropriate highs and lows in pacing, and twists and turns in plot, the author does a meticulous dance to keep readers invested in the story. Warmage is a trip through a world that mirrors reality in many ways, splashing intrigue and extraordinary elements onto every page to keep the reader wanting more.”

- L. Christensen

Warmage: v.1 Grayden's Hope

"This book became one of my favorites very fast. As a fantasy lover this book has everything I could ask for. It’s magical and the world building is just brilliant. The characters feel authentic and relatable and I keep wondering what intentions everyone might have. You also get this immense war setting with intrigues and old kingdoms and of course the outlandish enemies.

I am very excited for the second volume and can’t wait to figure out what the future will hold for Grayden, Tylen and the others!"

- A. Farr

Warmage: v.1 Grayden's Hope

Having just finished Warmage: V.1 - Grayden's Hope I have nothing but warm feelings, and a desire to know what happens next on Anteas! The characters are all so likable and relatable - Grayden, Tylen, Brynn, King Lynn. Even the minor characters have, well, character. They all feel real. The situations, the world building, the dialogue, it all flows so well and comes together nicely.

The story is just so easy going - not in a simplistic way, but in a comforting one. The pace is good - neither too fast or slow, it just feels right. The world of Anteas is inclusive, you feel at home. That's not to say that it's a boring story or Anteas is without it's issues though!

I'd find it hard not to recommend this book - to everyone. I think there's something in it for you no matter who you are, and you won't regret reading it."

 - Starcrow